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Hello All!

I’m writing this newsletter before the 2020 election, so I have no idea what kind of world we'll be living in afterward. November 3 also happens to be my birthday, and all I want is regime change. Is that too much?

Be well! And vote.



I have a few stories out. One is this essay, It’s Only Human, about the science of dehumanization and how it works. Contrary to what you might think, dehumanization isn’t just something that happens in Rwanda, Cambodia or the Minneapolis 3rd Precinct. It happens inside all of us, all the time, in varying degrees. The piece is posted here, or you can see a pdf here.

I'm actually working on a book-length project about dehumanization and group narratives, and I got to spend at the month of September working on it at The Anderson Center in Red Wing, Minnesota. This was the third time I've been a resident there, and each time has meant a huge leap forward. This year was was no exception, especially given the distractions in the world. There was a short article about that (and my fellow residents) here, but I’ve since changed the title to Lovers & Killers. [Also, a huge thanks to Bridgit for holding down the fort while I was gone! I’ll return the favor when your accounting residency comes through.]

I recently posted a story from Texas Journey Magazine about the Marfa Mystery Lights that ran last year. People have been describing them, and puzzling over them, for hundreds of years. While I was there, I saw some truly inexplicable things. The story is posted here, or you can see a pdf here.

Another story I just had out is Exploring the Polar Bear Capital of the World, which I did last year for Artful Living Magazine, back when you could just get on a plane and go somewhere. Churchill, Manitoba was an incredible place, and this was the trip of a lifetime. Possibly even better (for me) was taking the train back to Winnipeg, a nearly three day trip of quiet and contemplation.

I know it's getting cold (and snowy) in Minnesota, but I still have a few coupons left for the Minneapolis River Walk: History Along the Mississippi. It’s simple: You just go to the Open Book Center, download the app at the link, and my soothing voice will guide you along the river, telling you where to go when your GPS says you’re at the right place. Contact me if you’re interested: frankbures_at_yahoo.com

Lastly, thanks to Doug Mack for designing this new logo for Kimbia Koaching. I know nearly all our races were canceled this year, but we still managed to squeeze in a couple, with the Tri-Loppet and the Surly 5k. So if you know anyone who want to start training for next year, send them my way: frankbures_at_yahoo.com.


Unsurprising news next door: Wisconsin man shocked to discover a brain washed up on the beach

From the department of French Culture: France's most tattooed man told not to teach nursery children


Both these stories made me tear up:

Roadside rescue in small-town Minnesota defies a larger divide

I helped Sid Hartman keep up his column. He saved my life.


This series with Julie Nolke series is fun, in case you haven’t seen it. Good for a time when we all need a laugh:

Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 1 (April)

Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 2 (June)

Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 3 (October)


This newsletter—and so much else—has been brought to you by Freedom Rock. (#vanlife)

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